fiVe @ MIA FAIR 2022


MIA FAIR, Milan Image Art Fair

April 28 – May 1, 2022

Superstudio Maxi Milan, Via Moncucco 35, Milano


In the exhibition fiVe illuminates the visible and invisible in equal measure, deliberately shifting the boundaries of the familiar or creating borders in a completely new way. Current topics such as the role of women, urbanization, climate change, the environment and migration are explored in the versatile works in both exaggerated and very subtle ways. Fiction and reality, showing and not showing: the viewers of the exhibition are invited to draw new connections and associations to what is already known.

At MIA FAIR the Italian artist Annamaria Belloni joins the collective. In her series, supernatura, she deals with a fictitious state that addresses the relationship between man and nature with the aim of creating a new awareness of it. She stages images in which nature reclaims its place, which has been overtaken by man – often violently. In this way, the artist shows the reactions of plants that aggressively push back at the human beings in the picture.

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