fiVe @ ARLES les rencontres de la photographie 2022

ARLES les rencontres de la photographie 2022

Opening Week: 4. – 10. July 2022

Exhibition: 4. July – 25. September 2022

FOTOHAUS | Fondation Manuel Rivera Ortiz, 18 Rue de la Calade, ARLES


In the exhibition at FOTOHAUS in Arles fiVe illuminates the visible and invisible in equal measure, deliberately shifting the boundaries of the familiar or creating borders in a completely new way. Current topics such as the role of women, urbanization, climate change, the environment and migration are explored in the versatile works in both exaggerated and very subtle ways. Fiction and reality, showing and not showing: the viewers of the exhibition are invited to draw new connections and associations to what is already known.

In the exhibition in ARLES, Gabriela Morawetz is the guest artist of the collective. The work she shows deals with fictional space. The desert-like atmosphere, the colors and structures in her pictures resemble another planet.

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