guest artist: Stella Bach

Stella Bach, „SheHe“, collage and aquarelle on paper, 30x40cm

Born 1959 in Salzburg. Lives and works in Vienna. 1979 ľ 1984 studied art at the University of applied arts in Vienna. Teaches design and grafics in Fashion School Vienna since 1990. Stella BachĹs multi faceted work evolves around the relationship and disruption between body and mind, voice and meaning, inside and outside. Her paintings, collages, photographs and sculptures create a highly associative visual semantic that discloses a lyrical sociology of inner states and external restraints. She transcends states of mind in her overpainted collages, which emerge from an introspective process to then be manifested into gesture and material form. Scolarship for photography in Rome 2006. She is represented in several public and private collections. Numerous national and international exhibitions.