guest artist: Annamaria Belloni

Annamaria Belloni, Supernatura #33, 2017, Pigment Print, 50x75cm, Edition 6+1 AP

Annamaria Belloni was born in 1964 in Genoa, but lives and works in Piacenza (Italy), where she manages a photostudio. She studied some years in Germany and since 1998 she is working as photographer. Beside commercial works, she is interested in portraits and contemporary human conditions. She has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad and in several international festivals (recently at Discovery Award, Encontros da imagem, Braga-Portugal, HeadOn, Sidney, Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia). She was also art director of 5 editions of Fotosintesi, international photofestival in Piacenza, and works sometimes also as curator for photo-exhibitions (recently at Fotoforum, Innsbruck and Biffi Arte, Piacenza). In may 2021 the book ôSupernaturaö published by Postcart is released. She teaches photography in Piacenza.